Faux Food Creations


The wonderful thing about making faux food is, just like in a real kitchen, once you learn a technique for one dish, you can apply it to many other dishes.

  • Methods for making icing

    Methods for making icing

    When it comes to faux food, few things are more versatile than faux icing. Depending on the faux food you’re making, you may need a different consistency of icing, so here are two methods you can use to create your desired look.

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  • Making molds

    Making molds

    This method is an easy and inexpensive way to make a mold of any food you want to replicate.

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  • Toppings


    One of the great things about faux food is that certain elements can be reused across multiple foods. Here are three toppings I think everyone should have on hand when making faux food.

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  • Spray Foam

    Spray Foam

    Spray foam rises and can be used to immitate rising dough and will expand to fill the space of any mold.

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