Faux Food Creations

Snack/Party Foods


August 31st, 2022

Use a silicone madeleine mold and a can of spray foam filler. Make sure to wear gloves during this process. Spray foam is very sticky and does not come off easily. Start by carefully piping the spray foam into the madeleine molds. While it is still wet, scrape off excess foam with a popsicle stick. Make sure that you get the foam filler into all the crevices. […]


August 31st, 2022

Use scissors to cut a packing peanut in half. From the cut side, fold in the rough edges towards the center of the peanut. Then go around the outside perimeter pinching the peanut to create an indentation on the side. Round off the top of the peanut creating a ridge like top. […]

Cheese Board

August 30th, 2022

Coat your sponge in a thick layer of matte Mod Podge. Let dry. Mix together cream and yellow paint with a generous amount of caulking until you get a color resembling swiss-cheese. Apply a thick coat of the mixture to the surface of the sponge. It’s okay if some of the holes get filled in as this adds a bit more of a realistic texture. […]

Mixed Nuts

August 2nd, 2022

Fill a small tub with water and add a generous amount of dish soap. Squeeze some silicone into the water. The amount will be dependent on the size of the object you’re molding. Wet your hands with the soapy water and then kneed the silicone under water. […]

Cake Pops

August 2nd, 2022

Form a 1 inch ball of air dry clay – model magic or model lite are two that I use often. Place the ball between two pieces of wax or parchment paper and roll out into a circle. When it is large enough, place it around a small styrofoam ball and let dry. Place a sucker stick into the bottom of the ball and hot glue into place. […]