Faux Food Creations


Why make faux food?

Faux food can be used for a multitude of reasons including home decor, restaurant displays, props for theater and film productions, and food styling. In each case, there are many benefits to using faux food instead of real food.  

To state the obvious, real food has a limited shelf-life. It isn’t made to withstand unpredictable conditions. For example, items like ice cream and snow cones will quickly melt under hot lights on a film set, while a faux alternative could last for days. Aside from the lack of durability, real food is also not a sustainable or cost-effective option. Faux foods can be used over and over again making their cost per use less and eliminating food waste.

What you’ll learn

The wonderful thing about making faux food is, just like in a real kitchen, once you learn a technique for one dish, you can apply it to many other dishes. So, while you can find individual food tutorials here, you’ll also find a techniques page where you can learn various methods that will help you create any food you can imagine.

Meet your teacher!

faux food creation's creator Emily Meadows painting faux strawberries

Hi, I’m Emily! A while ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that introduced me to the world of faux food. I was fascinated with the process of creating it and decided to try my hand at it. Soon, I started looking at items that would usually be thrown out and thinking, “Hmm, I wonder if I could use that for my faux food.”

I’ll be the first to admit that this hobby is a bit niche, but to me that’s what makes it so fun.  People in the “faux food community” make food for many different reasons and figure it out as they go. Some people say that art has no rules and faux food is a prime example of that.  This is a new creative outlet for me, and I am by no means an expert.  I want to share what works for me and maybe inspire you to figure out what works for you.

I hope this will be the start of a really fun faux food journey for you! Although, I must warn you, you’ll never throw anything away again without thinking, “I bet I could make something out of this!”

Get in touch!

If you have any requests or suggestions for improvements, please email hello@fauxfoodcreations.com We look forward to hearing from you!