Faux Food Creations

Tea & Toast



  • Two porus sponges
  • Piece of bread to use as a stencil
  • Scissors
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Acrylic paints (brown, tan, and yellow)
  • Optional
    • Jam – 100% clear silicone and alcohol ink
    • Butter – air-dry clay and cream & yellow acrylic paint

Step 1: Shape the piece of toast

Start by laying out two sponges side by side. Then lay a piece of real bread on top of the sponges so that it lays across the gap between the sponges. I placed mine so that the cut would be diagonal but you can make the cut horizontal if you prefer. Using the bread as your guide, loosely trace the outline. When tracing, make sure that the outline lines up so that it appears that your sponge toast has been cut. When the sponges are together you should have what looks like a whole piece of bread. Next cut your bread shape out of the sponges using some sharp scissors.

Step 2: Paint the toast

To paint the crust of the bread, mix together some matte mod podge and acrylic brown paint. Apply that to the edge of the sponge to create the crust –  make sure to leave the sliced part of your bread unpainted. Add some vertical toast marks with a small amount of light brown acrylic paint. Smudge the lines a bit with lighter paint to make it look like real toast marks. Make sure that the toast lines line up on both pieces of your toast. 

Step 3: Make the jam

For the jam, mix together 100% clear silicone with a small amount of alcohol ink. For the strawberry jam use scarlet and red – you may choose other colors to make different flavors of jam/jelly. When you have the desired color, use a popsicle stick to  spread it onto the toast like real jam. If you have extra jam you can add it to a small jam jar or pot to display with your toast.

Step 4: Make the pad of butter

To make a pat of butter, start with a small ball of air dry clay. With your fingers, press the ball down into a very thin disc. Form the disc into a square like a real pat of butter. Let dry then paint with a mixture of yellow and cream acrylic paint. 



  • Resin kit
  • Alcohol ink (orange and brown)
  • Tea cup
  • Popsicle stick
  • 100% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle

Step 1: Mix the resin

 Make the tea using resin following the directions on your resin kit. Make sure to follow the directions and wear the proper protective equipment. After mixing the resin according to the instructions in your pack, add alcohol ink to get the perfect tea color (three drops of orange and two drops of brown for one cup of tea).

Step 2: Pour the resin

Slowly pour the resin into your teacup and try to avoid getting any bubbles. You may have some small bubbles that can be popped gently with a popsicle stick. Spray the top of your tea lightly with 100 isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining bubbles. Let dry then display with your toast and jam!

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