Faux Food Creations


One of the great things about faux food is that certain elements can be reused across multiple foods. Here are three toppings I think everyone should have on hand when making faux food. If you like, you can watch the video I made about this topic here.


You can use sprinkles on ice cream sundaes, donuts, cupcakes, etc. so they’re very helpful to have in your kit.


  • oven-bake polymer clay
  • clay extruder (using the second smallest circles attachement)
  • scissors
  • lined baking sheet

Take a small piece of clay and then put it into the extruder and screw the top.

Onto a lined baking sheet you can crank the extruder until you’ve gone through all your clay. You can then lay the clay down and snip the end with some regular scissors (you do not need to separate each individual strand they will not stick together as they bake).

Repeat this process for as many colors as you would like then bake according to the instructions on the package of the clay.

When they come out of the oven, pull apart any of the ends that may be stuck together and trim them down into the size of sprinkles.

Shaved Coconut

Shaved coconut can be used on cake pops, ice cream bars, and you can even dye it and use it as lemon or orange zest.


  • scent-free wax candle (white for coconut, but you could use a tinted one for zests)
  • cheese grater
  • optional: alcohol ink if you want to dye the shavings for zest

To make the coconut, use a cheese grater to grate up a white unscented wax candle.

If you want to make zest, pour the shavings into a baggie and add a few drops of alcohol ink. Then, shake it around until all the shavings are coated.


Faux peanuts can be used on a large variety of items and the best part is, you don’t even have to make them. All you need is Natural Corn Cob Bedding.

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