Faux Food Creations



  • Air-dry clay/ Model Magic
  • Acrylic Paint (orange & brown)
  • Florist wire
  • Green card stock
  • Scissors

Step 1: Mold the carrot shape

Create several elongated cone shapes for your carrots out of model magic. Don’t worry about making perfectly shaped cones. Carrots are irregular and it’s ok if your cone has imperfections. On the larger end of your cone create a small indentation using a clay tool or anything you have that will give you the same effect – even your fingertip. Repeat this process for as many carrots as you want but remember to vary the sizes of your cones to get a good variety of carrots. 

Add some small horizontal lines for texture on your carrots. I created two lines close together in some spots and just single lines in order to give the carrot some lifelike texture. Let dry.

Step 2: Create the carrot tops

While your carrots are drying, create your carrot tops. 

Use green paper and cut some thin long strips (about 12 inches by 1/3 inch). Fold strips in half longways then open and cut from the top about 4 inches down. Cut about four times on each strip creating very thin strips. On a few of the strips cut them again creating tiny strips resembling real carrot tops.

Cut a piece of floral wire about 6-8 inches (depending on the size of the carrot you are preparing the top for). Glue the wire to the inside of the uncut fold of the green paper starting at the bottom.

Cut a smaller thin strip of green paper and repeat the fold and cuts creating different levels of green tops. Glue this paper around the wire. 

In the midst of the long green strips I added a long thin green leaf made from the same paper. This will give the green tops more texture. Repeat this process for as many carrots as you have. Keep in mind that the carrots will be different sizes as will the carrot tops and you can customize the carrot tops however you like.

Let the carrot tops dry then you can place the wire down through the center of the carrots.

Step 3: Paint the carrots

Mix up a dark orange color to paint your carrots. It may take more than one coat to get the desired color. Use a dark brown color to paint in the lines you created in your carrot. This will make them look more like real fresh from the garden carrots. Let dry and touch up as needed.

You may choose to display single carrots or group your carrots together in a bunch and wrap with twine.

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