Faux Food Creations



  • Lightweight spackle
  • Styrofoam cylinder
  • Acrylic paint (cream for vanilla – or the color of your choice for icing)
  • Spatula or knife for spreading icing
  • Piping bag w/ an icing tip
  • Optional: wooden skewers, cake base, and toppings (strawberry and blackberry in this case)

Step 1: Mix icing

Make the cake icing by mixing together some lightweight spackle and a little cream acrylic paint. The cream color adds just a bit of color to the pure white spackle so that the icing looks more like real vanilla icing. 

Step 2: Build the cake

For a multi layer cake, place enough icing in between two pieces of styrofoam so it will help keep the pieces together. Put several skewers through the cake to help hold it together and to give you something to hold onto while you are icing it. If you are making a single layer cake you can skip this step – if you are making a larger cake you may need to use more skewers.

Step 3: Decorate the cake

Start icing your cake with the spackle mixture – just like you would a real cake. Put a thick layer of icing then add a pattern. I created a pattern by just going in a diagonal direction towards the top of the cake from the bottom. Add icing to the top of the cake in a smooth layer. Let the cake dry completely then either cut the skewers off at the base or pull them out entirely. Glue cake onto your chosen base (poster board, plastic tray or cake plate). 

Next, decorate around the base of your cake using a piping tip. Add a dollop of icing in the center of the cake and top with a faux strawberry and blackberry.

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