Faux Food Creations



  • Spray foam
  • Disposable bread tin
  • Disposable gloves
  • Serrated knife
  • Acrylic paints (tan, orange, and cream)

NOTE:  It is very important to wear disposable gloves while making faux bread. The spray foam material is very sticky and does not come off easily – so be very careful. Also, make sure to shake the can really well before you start. 

Step 1: Spray the foam

To begin, gently spray the foam into the bottom of a disposable bread tin. I prefer to go in a vertical up and down motion as I go but  you could also go side to side if you prefer. Whichever direction gives you the most control of the foam. Spray the foam until it reaches the top of the tin. Set your tins aside to dry. 

Step 2: Remove from the tin & sand

After they are dry, carefully cut the bread out of the tin. Use a serrated knife to even out the bottom and cut off any bits that need to be removed. You can also use sandpaper to help shape the bread and make it look more realistic. Sanding the bread will also make the paint adhere a little better and give it a bread-like texture.

Step 3: Paint the bread

Mix brown, tan and a drop of orange acrylic paint with water to make a golden brown wash. Paint over the top of the bread and wipe off any excess. After you cover the bread with the wash, let it dry. Next, with a darker color go around the edges to make it look golden toasty brown. For the sides (which would have been inside the tin on real bread) use a bit of a lighter color to give it a little bit more dimension. After the pain dries, seal with matte mod podge using a stippling technique to give a bit of texture. Let dry then display!

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